Led backlight mirror

    The first mirrors appeared in the third Millennium BC.
Since the subject is firmly established in the life of every person and is used very often, usually multiple times a day. But not always his own reflection satisfies us and delights, often the light from chandeliers or Windows, it distorts.

Today to solve this problem will help
modern led lighted mirror.

Led backlight mirror

    Such a mirror will provide high-quality lighting and will become a unique element of decor. It will perfectly complement the interior living room, hallway, bedroom, and a bathroom where the mirror is simply irreplaceable. Illuminated vanity mirrors, located in a furniture wardrobes will impress you with its beauty and extraordinary atmosphere of warmth, coziness and comfort.




Led backlit mirrors, as a rule, is carried out in two ways:

  • The first is to use as light source special Strip led. Usually it is mounted directly on the mirror surface, ensuring uniform illumination from all sides without creating shadow effects;
  • The second method involves the use of led lighting
    luminaires application Led lamps. They are installed on both sides from the mirror and direct the light so that it fell on its surface, but not on the face.

Illuminated mirror with led lights

    Of course, such mirrors have a lot of positive characteristics, among which are:

  1. Excellent quality lighting that will allow for cosmetic and hygiene procedures with maximum comfort and convenience;
  2. Decorative interior decoration, thanks to which the most common interior will Shine with new, bright colors;
  3. Reliability and safety in use, which provides a special device power supply – transformer;
  4. Led bulbs do not require a lot of energy.

    The modern market offers a wide range of mirror with led light, but they have a fairly high price level. A more economical option would be a makeshift mirror. The more that its manufacture requires no special skills and is quite accessible to everyone.

The Internet electrical store invites you to purchase:

led ribbon, power supplies, led lamps

The store offers products from leading led companies
Gauss, Uniel, ERA .

  • led strip light assorted colors, multi-color RGB tape;
  • led spotlights, pendant, recessed, spill-resistant lamps;
  • led lamp ball, candle, mirror, dimmable. capsule for crystal chandeliers

Led products online shop SvelaMArt

Led backlight mirror their hands

     The first step is buying the led strip. It is perfectly mounted on the glass surface. The ribbon should be glued around the perimeter of the mirror, pre-dividing it into parts. It has an adhesive layer, which is glued to the mirror.
You then to connect all the wires and connect to power source.

    The color and brightness of the tape is better to consider, in accordance with their tastes. So she didn’t focus on the attention in the off state, it is better to choose the ribbon is white.
You can select and buy Wallpaper for the walls – again, for the harmony of the light in the interior.

    For the mirror in the bathroom, you should choose water-resistant tape, making use of illumination will be safe and reliable.

Mirror with lights very convenient to use and looks like a luxury, unique interior decoration, capable of hitting any person.

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